I am a big fan of good steaks. And in Karachi, I'd go only to 2 places which I feel so far serves fair steaks (when I say fair, I mean non-localised taste) - Gunsmoke and Roasters. The former better than the latter (I've not tried steaks at the hotels yet).

Tonite I'm here though cos gunsmoke's yet to open for dinner and I'm already famished. My first time here was last May on Mother's Day as well as My Birthday (yeah it was a double celebration for me - much to hubby's despair cos he's gotta get me double the presents.. :P). Then, the food was a little too salty to my taste.

However this time I ordered the mushroom steak - medium well (just as I like it), mushroom soup in a bowl made of bread - okay but can't beat my favourite @ pizza UNO back home, prawn poppers - such a letdown after u've tasted the Tony Romas version and fresh apple juice. My dinner this evening rounded to approximately PKR800 that's about MYR32.65 or USD9.51. Okay by Malaysian standards for such a place and cheap by American's.

Would I recommend? Yeah I suppose. I'd return. Nothing superb but by Karachi standards, they're there alongside Chilli's in Kuala Lumpur. I mean the ambiance is pro relaxation. Music's not extremely loud like some other places here. Only thing is, it's located on the first floor and no servicing elevator is available. So if u hv a very bad sprain, I'd say think again about getting here.

PS - If u do decide to patron here, the address is 10-C, 2nd Commercial Lane, Zamzama Boulevard, Phase V, DHA. Tel No +92 213 5302204
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  1. Saqib Says:

    Interesting phrase, the 'non-localized taste'.

    There are a couple of others which would satiate your craving for the non-localized version, including Copper Kettle and Arizona Grill. Secret Recipe isn't bad either

    Arizona Grill is owned by the Roasters guy so you won't find much difference between the two.

    Then there's the ancient Maxim's but its taste borders on the thin line between desi and pardesi.

    You can check out www.restaurants-uncut.com if you really want to get into the thick of things.

  2. ainnie ahmad Says:

    My apologies if any of my phrases in any way undermine ur feelings. I say that in the most literal definition of the word. Non-localized meaning u don't get that masala/local spices added to a dish which frequently happen so especially to the chinese/thai dishes here.

    Hey.. Thanks for the suggestions. Been to all though. Copper Kettle is a little to salty for me, and like u say, Arizona Grill is basically the sister company of Roasters however despite that, roaster do have better taste and pricing in comparison. Now Secret Recipe is a Malaysian based restaurant and seeing how I am from Malaysia, I hv to say NO, the taste is no where near what we hv back home ;)

    I'll definitely check out Maxim's... n thanks for the link.. will look it up later :)

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